Content sharing solution 1: mEducator2.0

Posted Wed, 2012-07-25 18:29 by athanasc

Exchanging Content via “mash-up” technology and Web 2.0 tools for loosely coupled isolated LCMSs

The mEducator consortium has finalized the development, evaluation and customization of two Content Sharing Solutions. The first one, mEducator 2.0, aims at creating a brokerage mechanism based on mashups and other technologies, which allows medical educational content to be shared across websites, or, in our case, individual partners’ LCMSs, by creating a loosely coupled network of LCMSs. A database is being used as a central repository to store learning objects metadata, user information, etc and is being made accessible remotely through Mashup technologies from individual LCMSs.

Target users such as residents & specialized Doctors, medical educators and medical students are able to see mEducator educational material through the mEducator2.0 portal and access it through their own systems using mashup technologies.

mEducator partners acting as content providers implemented the mashup of mEducator 2.0 in their own LCMSs. Pilot content testings have been performed to allow the implementation of the relevant functionalities for repurposing, in both platform and mashups.

mEducator users across multiple institutions may utilise the mashups for uploading, creating, and editing content metadata, as well as for the search and retrieval of content. Alternatively, for users without access to a specific LCMS, an independent platform has been created which applies web 2.0 techniques and facilitates user collaboration, allows the creation of social networks for medical education, knowledge exchange and second opinion.


Users are invited to try the mEducator 2.0 platform! Please watch the short demo video and visit: