WebID Authentication module for Drupal 7.x

Posted Thu, 2012-01-19 11:53 by Charalampos Bratsas

Following our previous post about the WebID it is our pleasure to announce the availability of the WebID Authentication which is developed within the mEducator Project .

WebID Authentication is a module that enables a user to log in a Drupal 7.x site using a client certificate (per the WebID specification).

This module depends on the ARC2 library and a fork of libAthentication by Melvin Carvalho, found here. To fully control the authentication process, one will also need the WebIDauth service.

Users could create their meducator WebID at http://webid.meducator.net/ods/ and then they can use it in the meducator3 drupal instantiation at http://www.meducator3.net/drupal/

Please see a short tutorial video for WebID Authentication in meducator3 drupal instantiation


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