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The mEducator Best Practice Network (BPN) has critically evaluated existing standards in the field of e-learning and implemented a reference model in order to enable specialized state-of-the-art medical educational content to be discovered, retrieved, shared and re-used across European higher academic institutions.




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mEducator moves on Medical Learning Analytics

Posted Τετ, 2013-05-29 20:26 by dimitris

In the ever expanding and demanding world of medical education, the overall aim is to improve and enhance the experience of the learner. The grand challenge is to empower the learner with knowledge and skills to navigate and meaningfully interact with the vast wealth of available educational resources as well as connecting with other learners. Consequently the learner is encouraged to adopt active learning using self-directed, personalised collaborative learning environments.


MELINA+ an open source content management system for medical educational resources

Posted Πέμ, 2012-11-15 13:54 by athanasc

MELINA+ has been developed based on Drupal 7 so as to allow resources to be created, uploaded, described, shared and searched over the semantic web in different ways.

Its advanced features include: core RDF support, embedded SPARQL endpoint, DBpedia spotlight annotation, social learning collaboration, single sign on via WEBID module.


Content sharing solution 2: mEducator3.0

Posted Δευ, 2012-09-03 15:19 by athanasc

Exchanging content via Semantic Web Services technologies for federated LCMSs

Following our previous post on the two Content Sharing Solutions that were developed and recently evaluated and customized by the mEducator consortium, this article concerns the second one, mEducator 3.0.


Content sharing solution 1: mEducator2.0

Posted Τετ, 2012-07-25 19:29 by athanasc

Exchanging Content via “mash-up” technology and Web 2.0 tools for loosely coupled isolated LCMSs

The mEducator consortium has finalized the development, evaluation and customization of two Content Sharing Solutions. The first one, mEducator 2.0, aims at creating a brokerage mechanism based on mashups and other technologies, which allows medical educational content to be shared across websites, or, in our case, individual partners’ LCMSs, by creating a loosely coupled network of LCMSs.

Users are invited to try the mEducator 2.0 platform! Please watch the short demo video and visit: www.meducator2.net


International Dissemination Events

Posted Τετ, 2012-07-25 19:22 by athanasc

The project goals and objectives, as well as the main technical considerations, were presented in a number of International dissemination events organised throughout the project. However, the following is a list of mEducator sponsored events in the last three years. 


1st International Spring School on Medical Education Content Sharing Technologies

Posted Παρ, 2012-07-20 12:08 by athanasc

The mEducator consortium also organised a “mEducator Spring School” in Thessaloniki in April 2012. The programme consisted of short theoretical keynote lectures, practical (hands-on) sessions and ask the expert sessions, all of direct practical and methodological importance for state-of-the-art medical teaching and education research.


1st International Conference on Medical Education Informatics – MEI 2012

Posted Παρ, 2012-07-20 11:29 by athanasc

The 1st International Conference on Medical Education Informatics – MEI 2012, 6-7 April, was held in the premises of the Research Dissemination Center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

MEI 2012 provided a forum for the presentation and discussion of researchers in the multi-disciplinary areas of Medical/Health Education, educational technology and technology enhanced learning, Medicine2.0 and the semantic web.


Where we’ve been - Helsinki, Work package meeting

Posted Παρ, 2012-07-20 10:42 by athanasc

The WP6 meeting attended by mEducator’s Evaluation Core Group Partners and Solution Developers took place on 13-14 February 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. The Helsinki School of Medicine, Biomedicum 1 hosted the meeting.

Several topics were discussed, as Best Practices Guidelines for mEducator Schema and Core documentation


WebID Authentication module for Drupal 7.x

Posted Πέμ, 2012-01-19 11:53 by Charalampos Bratsas

Following our previous post about the WebID it is our pleasure to announce the availability of the WebID Authentication which is developed within the mEducator Project .

WebID Authentication is a module that enables a user to log in a Drupal 7.x site using a client certificat...


Incorporating Attention Metadata in the mEducator scheme

Posted Τρί, 2011-02-15 18:14 by Maria Nikolaidou

The Consortium is considering the incorporation of the “attention” metadata in the mEducator scheme. These additional metadata fields will provide information about which resources get attention (and by whom) in order to enhance the sharing/retrieval/repurposing process.