Frequently Asked Questions

You can subscribe to mEducator event calendar using the iCalendar (.ics) format.
Subscribed event calendar is read only. You can read events from mEducator event calendar on iPhone, but can’t edit them or create new events.
Subscribe to .ics mEducator event calendar: 
- In Settings, choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” then tap Add Account.
- Choose Other, then choose either Add CalDAV Account or Add Subscribed Calendar.
- The ical url is :
- Enter your account information, then tap Next to verify the account.
- Tap Save. 

Open Skype in your computer.
Simply go to Tools > Options > Privacy to update your settings.
Tick the “Allow my status to be shown on the web” checkbox and “Save”.

To add or edit content on mEducator web site, you have to first be registered as a user.
In some cases, the site administrator will add you as a user. If so, they will send you a user name and password that you can use to log on.
Otherwise, look for a small form called “User login” on the main page of the site you want to register with (usually on the right or the left of the page). Click the link that says "Create new account".
The next page that comes up will generally have some information on the site's policies for registration. After reading them, to register, enter a user name of your choice and an email address to which you have access and hit "submit". Then check your email account. Within a few minutes, you should get an automatically-generated email confirming your registration and giving you an initial password to use. Now you're ready to log in.

Once you have registered to mEducator web site, you can change settings to control information about yourself and also your use and experience of a mEducator site. To see what tweaks you can make to your account, log in and then click on 'My account' in the navigation block (that's the one titled with your user name). Click on the edit tab.

There are four types of content you can create:
1. Announcement
Create an announcement and inform the members of mEducator community.
2. Event
Events have a start date and an optional end date as well as a teaser and a body.
3. File
Share a file with other mEducator members.
4. Forum topic
forum topic is the initial post to a new discussion thread within a forum.

Once you have logged-in, you're ready to start posting content.
At the top of your personal menu, you'll find a link called "create content". Click this and you'll see a list of the types of content you can create. This list reflects the privileges assigned to your user account or to the group ("role") your account is part of.

Comments allow users to interact with the content on a site, to respond to an article, offer their own ideas, make additions, or supply a critique.

Leaving comments

When you bring up an article to read, look for comment-related links at the bottom of the article. If you're not logged in, this might read "login or register to post comments". When you do log in, you should see something like "Add new comment". Click on the link and you're ready to comment away.


Comments can be a great way of enriching a community site--but they can also lead to unfriendly, even harassing exchanges. As with any communication, it's important to try to ensure that your comments are respectful and constructive.

"Threaded" comments

Comments on a Drupal web-site are "threaded". This means you can comment directly on an article--or you can reply to an existing comment. If you reply, your comment will be indented to show that it is part of that discussion.

To edit or delete existing content, log in and then bring up the page you wish to edit. Look on the page for an "edit" tab. Depending on your user permissions, you will see this only for those pages that you submitted.
Clicking the edit tab will bring up a page with a form for changing the page. Here you can change the text and settings. Once you have the text and settings in a suitable form, click on the "Submit" button on the bottom of the form.
If you wish to delete the page (and you have appropriate permissions), click on the "delete" button near the bottom of the form. You'll get a second chance to confirm that you wish to delete the page, or to change your mind!
Note: Because meducator is very configurable, there may be additional ways of editing and managing content. For example under My Account -> Track you can see all your submitted content and edit it or delete it.

In mEducator most of the content is organized under workpackages
For example, every Announcement, Event, File and Forum topic belongs to one workpackage. 
In the left panel of mEducator web site you can see (after you've logged in) a menu, under the title WORKPACKAGES. 
By clicking for example in 'WP1- Project Start Up' you'll see (under the clicked item) the types of content for the specific workpackage. At the same time, mEducator brings in front of you a new page, contains all types of content from WP1, ordered by posting datetime.
Click on Announcements (under the item 'WP1- Project Start Up' ) and you'll see all announcements from Workpackage 1.