Content sharing solution 2: mEducator3.0

Posted Mon, 2012-09-03 15:19 by athanasc

Exchanging content via Semantic Web Services technologies for federated LCMSs

Following our previous post on the two Content Sharing Solutions that were developed and recently evaluated and customized by the mEducator consortium, this article concerns the second one, mEducator 3.0.

mEducator 3.0 is a semantic Web Services brokerage, which exposes educational services and LCMS  in a Linked Data-oriented way (“Linked Services”) to enable the automated discovery/execution of distributed services. Tools and services (API's) have also been developed in order to allow the integration of federated LCMSs. An overview of the mEducator3.0 framework is depicted in the picture below.

The Linked Services environment allows distributed queries across distributed and heterogeneous LCMS (services/APIs) on the fly while query results are lifted into RDF automatically. All educational metadata as retrieved in the services integration step are stored in a dedicated RDF store containing the mEducator – Linked Educational Resources dataset. Metadata is enriched based on Linked Open Data (LOD) datasets, taking advantage of available APIs such as the ones provided by BioPortal, which allows access to a vast number of established taxonomies and vocabularies represented in a LOD compliant way.  

Readers interested in a more technical view can watch the relative videos on youtube: 

mEducator3.0 APIs demo video and mEducator3.0 API demo video 2

mEducator 3.0 instantiations

Different platforms have been created to achieve semantic interlinking of repositories based on mEducator3.0. These are: MELINA+, MILES+, LinkedLabyrinth+, Metamorphosis+. More details on these platforms, along with links to short demos, will be provided in the next Newsletter. All mEducator 3.0 instantiations expose metadata from educational repositories by the use of APIs being queried on the fly, returning resources described in the “mEducator schema”.

Target users such as residents & specialized Doctors, medical educators and medical students access mEducator educational material through multiple instantiations using the same technology.

The mEducator3.0 technology and instantiations are accessible at: