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Related projects

There is a number of consortiums already dealing with the exchange of Learning Objects in the line of projects funded by the European Commission. These projects are the following:

  • ARIADNE (Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring and Distribution Networks for Europe) one of the first consortiums that significantly contributed to technology-based education and sharing of training material.
  • COSMOS (An Advanced Scientific Repository for Science Teaching and Learning) and
  • COLDEX (The Collaborative Learning and Distributed Experimentation) aiming to expand learning resources among institutions for science instruction at secondary and university education.
  • CELEBRATE (Context eLearning with Broadband Technologies) and
  • SLOOP (Sharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective) also aiming to create a database of Learning Objects for either primary and secondary schools throughout Europe or for all levels of formal and non-formal education. Other projects like
  • SeLeNe (Self e-learning Networks) has contributed to the formation of learning communities by relying on semantic metadata describing educational material.
  • LUISA project addressing the development of a reference semantic architecture for the major challenges in the search, interchange and delivery of learning objects in a service-oriented context. Finally,
  • EdReNe (Educational Repositories Network) aiming to facilitate access to the existing web-based repositories of learning resources by providing recommendations and useful tools.Only in national level, in UK,
  • UCeL (Universitiesā€™ Collaboration in e-Learning) was founded in 2002 by 6 higher education institutions to collaboratively produce and share resources for medicine and other health professional disciplines.Additionally,
    IntraMEDnet project in the Eastern Mediterranean exploring the idea of exchanging expert educational material among medical universities.Beyond the borders of Europe, in Canada, Australia, and the U.S., several initiatives have been already launched to create a university-level formal education platform providing reusable learning objects for all disciplines, likeĀ 
  • GEODE (Global Education Online Depository and Exchange),
  • MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching),
  • CLOE (Co-operative Learning Object Exchange) and others.Finally,
  • GLOBE (Global Learning Objects Brokered Exchange), a collaborative work of ARIADNE together with Education Network Australia (EdNA Online), LORNET in Canada, MERLOT in the US, and NIME (National Institute of Multimedia Education) in Japan, committed on a shared vision of ubiquitous access to quality educational content.The scope of the mEducator consortium is to embrace contribution from all projects across the subject areas and evolve on its own motive which is the promotion of distance medical formal education at University level.