mEducator moves on Medical Learning Analytics

Posted Mie, 2013-05-29 20:26 by dimitris

In the ever expanding and demanding world of medical education, the overall aim is to improve and enhance the experience of the learner. The grand challenge is to empower the learner with knowledge and skills to navigate and meaningfully interact with the vast wealth of available educational resources as well as connecting with other learners. Consequently the learner is encouraged to adopt active learning using self-directed, personalised collaborative learning environments.

In this context, a group of past mEducator partners and allies, has created the CHIRON initiative. This was Inspired by Greek Mythology, in which Chiron the Centaur, by contrast to other centaurs, was intelligent, civilized and kind and known for his knowledge and skill with medicine, as well as, his medical mentoring. One of his "famous medical students", was Asclepius; in fact the great healing power of Asclepius is based on Chiron's teaching.

So, CHIRON aspires to provide the medical learner with an appropriate toolkit that will help navigation through these resources, using the resources best to his/her needs. CHIRON’s environment is powered by Medical Learning Analytics. The very allure of analytics would be prediction of student’s performance using data readily available in e-learning environments. CHIRON addresses a bold challenge: it defines relevant interaction/attention metadata and thereby examines key learning analytics suitable for medical education in the light of contemporary learning models and tomorrow's doctor’s skills, while following a Linked-Data approach towards an Open, Standards-Based Service Architecture facilitating Multi-Faceted Data Analysis.

CHIRON focuses on extending tools and processes for collecting, storing, exploring and reasoning on large-scale educational data from scenario based learning accessible in open educational or federated and syndicated educational environments; this gives rise to a massive collection of (big) data from medical students' learning activities. The challenge is to transform their data into information aiming to substantially improving learning and teaching.

CHIRON will contribute towards innovation in Europe by policy formation and standardisation activities in the framework of 21st century skills. It is expected that the outcomes of this project will serve as input for Horizon 2020.