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The workplan of mEducator project is set in a total of nine (9) work packages (WP). Each work package exhibits a number of individual actions (angel). 

  • WP1 engages preparatory actions for project start-up.
  • WP2 deals with content preparation and implementation/extension of metadata description standards, addressing also issues of IPR and content selection rules.
  • WP3 is devoted to issues related to content re-purposing. In order to emphasize on the importance of content re-purpose the entire work package is concentrated on that.
  • WP4WP5, & WP6 , undertake the implementation, comparison and evaluation of two alternative solutions for sharing medical educational content on the web; in specific, loosely coupled isolated content repositories vs. federated content repositories.
  • WP7 encompasses awareness and dissemination activities with special attention to relevant EU clustering activities and interaction with standardization bodies in the field.
  • WP8 involves work for project exit, with an emphasis on sustainability, and finally
  • WP9 deals with project management.