European Cervical Cancer Association

The ECCA was established in 2002 specifically to raise awareness of the benefits of organised cervical cancer prevention programmes and advocate for their implementation. To achieve this goal, the ECCA has brought together Europe’s leading cancer societies, medical associations, cervical cancer researchers, clinicians and patient groups to form a Europe-wide network of expertise covering all aspects of cervical cancer prevention. This extensive network has then been complemented by the ECCA’s health communications experts and, working together, the ECCA has mounted a co-ordinated education and advocacy programme that now reaches almost every country in Europe. The Institutional Membership of the ECCA continues to grow and now stands at 92 institutional members from 32 countries across Europe, including the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) and Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH). The ECCA has produced a set of consensus agreed educational materials that were developed in a pan-European consultation process involving the ECCA’s members and other relevant organisaitons. Dr. Philip Davies, Director General, will lead the activities of ECCA for the evaluation of the mEducator activities and content by its network of users. 

European Cervical Cancer Association members

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