MELINA+ an open source content management system for medical educational resources

Posted To, 2012-11-15 13:54 by athanasc

melina+MELINA+ is one of the implementations of the mEducator3.0 technologies.

It is a content management system for medical educational resources, based on Drupal 7, an open source content management system. MELINA+ has been developed to allow resources to be created, uploaded, described, shared and searched over the semantic web in different ways. It exploits SPARQL queries using the Drupal SPARQL endpoint functionality. Multiple endpoints (included internal and external) could be added in SPARQL registry and queried. It supports the creation and description of learning resources, user registration/authentication, advanced search capabilities, a commenting/rating/bookmarking system, and blogs and posts.

Its advanced features include: core RDF support, embedded SPARQL endpoint, DBpedia spotlight annotation, social learning collaboration, quality process control for learning resources, single sign on via WEBID module. MELINA+, as an open source Drupal instantiation profile, is freely downloadable through the mEducator website.

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