Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

The UTCN (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca) team is coordinated by Prof. Dorian Gorgan, and concerns with graphics models development and simulation, interactive distributed applications, Grid computing, graphics cluster based remote visualization, and graphical user interactivity in elearning applications. In mEducator project the main technical activity is to adapt and extend interactive software tools for the development of the graphics annotation based medical learning objects. Based on the already experimented eTrace eLearning Platform, the UTCN team will provide an elearning environment supporting lesson authoring, user annotation on 2D and 3D learning objects, lesson execution, and knowledge assessment by evaluation of graphics annotation. The lessons will be able to aggregate federated content based on semantic Web and Grid services. Collaborative tools for graphics annotation on the teaching materials both in the presentation and knowledge assessment sessions will be developed for different categories of users, such as teachers, students, content providers, content presenters, and knowledge evaluators. The final activity concerns with recommendations on best practices of the development of graphics annotation based learning objects. Prof. D. Gorgan will lead the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, RO, providing his expertise as technology provider and pedagogical expert. His field of interest consists graphical modelling and simulation, and distributed interactive applications.

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