Medical Exchange MEDTING Limited



The activities of Medical Exchange MEDTING Limited will be to coordinate technical aspects of educational web platform and Lead WP 4. By benefiting from actual Web 2.0 capabilities new training systems require new methods and platforms to be implemented under international and European standards. MEDTING has developed a Medical Exchange platform to share medical images, videos and clinical cases. The platform uses standards for terminology (SNOMED) and document interchange (CDA, DICOM). MEDTING will be the base platform to be used for the mEducator project.
MEDTING has a technical team with lot of expertise in web 2.0 development and platforms and will provide the adequate resource to coordinate the work package and implement the new functionalities that the project requires for a successful output.


Medical Exchange MEDTING Limited members

Εικόνα Hernan Alberti Alcover
Εικόνα Francisco Grau Castilla
Director of Research
Εικόνα Patricio Ledesma
Εικόνα Álvaro Salvá
Technical Developer
Εικόνα Jezabel
Technical Developer