Become an associate partner of mEducator

Although associate partners of mEducator may not receive direct funding, they will benefit in several ways, and their active participation in the consortium is considered important.

as content providers, they will allow access to their own educational material, become familiar with repurposing reasons and procedures, and benefit by reusing and repurposing content.

as technology partners, they will work with state-of-the-art solutions and tools which will allow repurposing and sharing in Medical Education, as well as other sectors.

as users (medical professionals and students), they will have access to various types of educational material and share their visions and needs within the development processes.

as standardization bodies, they will benefit from direct feedback on standards and specifications while consulting/advising to their implementation

as pedagogical experts, within the Pedagogical Reference Group, they will research on pedagogical contexts of content repurposing and sharing.


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