1. Translate the following notes from a dermatologist into layman’s terms. 35 y/o female, h/o MM x1 year CC: erythro


1. Translate the following notes from a dermatologist into layman’s terms.

35 y/o female, h/o MM x1 year

CC: erythroderma, ichthyoderma in spot on upper arm

Tests: Skin Bx

PCP: Pt. f/o x3d to review results of Bx

2. Look over the following notes from a patient’s visit to the orthopedic surgeon. Then answer

questions a-c.

61 y/o female pt. w/RA

CC: Arthralgia, dyskinesia, arthritis increasing RLE

Tests: CT RLE r/o DJD

a. According to the notes, what condition does the patient already have? Explain what this condition is.

b. In what area is the patient having difficulties? What are the symptoms?

C. What does DJD stand for? What is another term for this condition that uses medical terminology? Break down the medical term to explain what the condition is.

3. Translate the following notes from a urologist using correct medical terminology and abbreviations.

The patient today is a 68-year-old male. His past medical history includes condyloma, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. His current medications include: Metoprolol 100 mg twice a day, Diltiazem 120 mg one daily, Hydrocodone 10/500 mg as needed, Pravas 40 mg every moming, Lisinopril 20 mg a day at bedtime, Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg one by mouth daily. His vitals are as follows: Temperature is 96.7, blood pressure is 108/57, pulse is 75, and weight of 193.8 pounds. He is here today complaining of blood in his urine. I ordered labs done; his creatinine levels are 2.38 with BUN of 42. Urinalysis shows blood in the urine. CT scan shows left kidney atrophy and a 3.1 cm adrenal nodule Bilateral retrograde pyelograms and cystoscopy with biopsy performed Biopsy confirms presence of cancer. My impression is that the patient has bladder cancer, Stage 1. Follow protocol schedule complete transurethral resection of the bladder tumor with chemotherapy to follow

(Side note) please do all of them if you can I have to finish this class today this is my last assignment

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    Y/O: Year old
    H/O:History of
    MM-Malignant Malinoma
    CC-Chief complain
    Erythroderma is redness of skin

    pt. – Patient
    F/O follow up

    a.RA :Rheumatoid arthritis

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, inflammatory, systemic autoimmune disease, affecting the joints

    b)Arthralgia:Joint pains
    Dyskinesia :Involuntary movements

    c) DJD is degenerative joint disease /Osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis (OA){
    Osteo means bone arthritis means inflammation of joint inflammation }is the most common degenerative joint disease and a major cause of pain and disability in adult individuals. The etiology of OA includes joint injury, obesity, aging, and heredity.

    3.68 y/o Male
    C/C: Hematuria
    Drug history : Metoprolol-100mg-bd
    Hydrocodone-10/500mg p.r.n
    Vitals : Temp-96.7
    Pulse:75 beats per minute

    Weight :193.8 Pounds

    Urine analysis -hematuria
    CT:Left kidney atrophy,3.1cm adrenal nodule B/L retrograde poly grams
    Bx :CA Bladder(Stage1)

    F/U:complete transurethral resection of bladder tumour with chemotherapy to follow

    Apologies for any mistakes

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