68 points will mark brainliest please hurry What is the chemical equation for photosynthesis? 12. List and describe the 4 levels of cel


68 points will mark brainliest please hurry What is the chemical equation for photosynthesis? 12. List and describe the 4 levels of cellular organization from simplest to most complex 1. 2. 3. 4. 14. Explain the relationship between the respiratory and circulatory systems. 15. Explain the relationship between the skeletal and muscular systems. 16. Define biome. 18. What 2 things do scientists look at to categorize a biome? 19. Define climate. How is climate different from weather? 20. Compare and contrast a food chain and a food web. Explain the purpose of the arrows in each. 21. Where does all the energy in a food chain come from? Explain the flow of energy in a food chain. 22. What is a producer? Where do producers get their energy from? Where do you find them in a food chain and in a food web? (HINT: remember “produce” means to create something yourself) • A producer is: • Producers get their energy from: ; • In a food chain, you will find a producer: • In a food web, you will find a producer: 23. What would happen if producers were removed from a food web? 24.What is a consumer? Where do consumers get their energy from? (HINT: remember “consume” means to eat something outside of yourself) • A consumer is • Consumers get their energy from 25. List and describe the 5 types of consumers. Be able to give an example of each. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 26. Which 2 types of consumers are known as “nature’s clean-up crew”? Why are they important. 27. What is a decomposer? Give some examples. 28. List and describe the 3 types of symbiotic relationships. 1. 2. 3. 29. Describe the difference between parasitism and predation. Key Concepts for Semester B, Unit 7: Adaptation and Change 30. Define natural selection.

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    Question 21) All the energy comes from producers, the flow of energy usally goes like this Sun – Producer (which is usually a plant)- Consumer (This one is usually a herbivore) – Consumer (This one is usually a Carnivore) – decomposer

    Question 22) A producer is a organism that get its energy from the sun and doesn’t need to look for it’s food like a consumer does.They are usually one of the first things on the food web since it is a plant.

    Question 23)  If producers were removed from the food web the whole world would fall apart since that is the source where all other foods come from. For example, this is a food web, grass – deer – wolves, if the grass disappeared then the deer would have no more food, and would die off, if the deer dies off the wolves would have no food and they would die off.

    Question 24) A consumer is an organism that looks for its own food. They can get there food from a producer (then it will be a herbivore) or from other consumers (then it is a carnivore)

    Question 27) A decomposer is an organism that helps to have our earth clean and eat things like dead plants and animals. Some examples are like mushrooms, bacteria, moss.

    Hope these answers help 🙂

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