Although coal is no longer the favored energy source, u.s. coal mines still produced close to a billion short tons of coal. detail 5 differe


Although coal is no longer the favored energy source, u.s. coal mines still produced close to a billion short tons of coal. detail 5 different forms of coal, including activated carbon, and chemical products and health hazards related to each different form. describe dot recommended response actions to incidents involving a release of coal and/or carbon.

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    Mineral coal: Occurs through the fossilization of plants and animals, these fossils are stored for years, allowing their decomposition through microorganisms and high temperature and pressure, to originate a carbon-rich material, coal. Mineral coal is the most widely available fossil fuel in the world and like all fossil fuels, burning it can release various harmful gases into the atmosphere, which can cause respiratory problems, acid rain and destruction of the ozone layer. Through this charcoal, peat can be produced, which is widely used in the identification of plant remains. Mineral coal burns easily, so it is necessary to adopt safety measures to prevent fires and burns.

    Charcoal: This charcoal comes from the solid part of the dry wood. It is less polluting than coal, in addition to being cheaper and abundant, since it is a type of renewable energy. It also has great combustion capacity, so it needs preventive measures against fires and accidents. It is often used in medicinal products, but its consumption can lead to diarrhea, constipation and vomiting.

    Bone charcoal: It originates in the calcification of animal bones. They are often used in oil refinement and as a black pigment in some products. It can also be used as an absorbent material and as a lightening agent for oils and sugars. It does not have such a high combustion capacity, and can be used in edible products, however the excess of this coal can modify the final structure of the products in which it participates.

    Soot: is coal in powder form, originated from incomplete combustion of methane and ethylene. It can be used in the manufacture of paints, tires, absorbents and others. Burning it can release toxic products into the atmosphere and should therefore be avoided.

    Activated carbon: It originates from the burning of some types of wood and is used to remove impurities from substances, being frequently used for water treatment. It can also be used as an antidote to animal poisoning. Its use should be done according to the recommended amount, to prevent possible poisoning from occurring.

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