Discussion – L15: Drug Prevention 2020 unread replies.2020 replies. In the Discussion Board, you and your classmates have the op


Discussion – L15: Drug Prevention
2020 unread replies.2020 replies.
In the Discussion Board, you and your classmates have the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas that will help you see “the big picture” of what you are learning. If you give this activity your all, it will be easier for you to see how concepts in this course connect to a variety of topics in the world and in your own life. The Discussion Board is a tool that will help you better grasp why the content you are learning matters.

You will participate in the Discussion Board in each lesson of the unit. You can respond to the original question, and you can reply to others’ comments. By the end of the unit, you will need to have posted at least 10 comments. Please refer to your teacher for more information on expectations for each post and for extra help.

One evening, Naseem hears her parents talking about her older brother. She learns that he has failed a drug test at school and must get substance abuse treatment to avoid being expelled. She decides that she will talk to her brother about getting treatment. Naseem asks you for help preparing for this conversation.

Do the following to provide help:

Look up at least three different treatment programs in your area. Briefly describe these programs as well as the pros and cons of each.
What role can Naseem and her family play in helping her brother avoid substance abuse?
Teacher note (please read directions above first):


Addiction: the need to have or do something. For example, Tommy feels like he always needs sugar.

Substance abuse treatment center: a medical place that has different programs to help people who are addicted to drugs.

Pro: a positive or good part of the program

Con: a negative or bad part of the program

Direction steps

Step 1: Look online for three different substance abuse treatment centers in your area. Here’s a statement you can use to search for the information: “substance abuse treatment programs in [list city or town or Arizona]

Step 2: Look through the websites for each program that you found to find a pro and con for each program. Think about why each program would be helpful or not helpful for Naseem’s brother.

Step 3: List the name of each program, describe what the program is, then list at least one pro and con for each program and the link to the programs website.

Step 4: Answer question #2 in the directions above. What can Naseem and her family do in addition to him going to a substance abuse program to help him stop using drugs? Think back to the workbooks from lesson 15.

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