Hi I was wondering is there any way for someone to cool down without there fan or little to no blanket in the middle of the night because wh


Hi I was wondering is there any way for someone to cool down without there fan or little to no blanket in the middle of the night because when I go to sleep I always get super warm and over heated do I have my fan on full blast and almost no blanket on my body but I am still so hot and just need a way to help me cool down so plz help out with this

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    First of all you should see if you’re just feeling hot, or if it can be something serious. Before you go to a doctor, try finding things that can have caused a body overheating (an allergy from food or chemicals for example) so that the doctor has enough information to work on.

    You can try increasing the humidity of your room and your body, as well as keeping the room well ventilated by opening the window during the day. Keeping a glass of water on your bedside table can also be useful.

    Check the materials that your sheets/covers are made of. Synthetic materials don’t transpire properly, and I would recommend a soft wool/cotton material. Also, if your pillow heats up to much, try finding one that doesn’t, because having a hot and sweaty head isn’t good for you.

    You can also try re-designing your room by moving your bed to a cooler place, because as you might know, some walls heat during the day, and release that heat during the night as the go cooling down.

    (medical) Conclusion:

    You need to be careful, because overheating isn’t a nice symptom, and it can lead to other problems. A constant dehydration can also lead to serious problems so keep an eye on that.

    (non-medical) Conclusion:

    The problem might just be your bed or you sheets, so nothing serious or that you should worry about.

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    Try sleeping with a sheet instead of a blanket too! It would be cooler and you would still be covered. Keeping hydrated should help too. Water is apparently a cure-all. (You know unless you’re dying…) You could also try sleeping in airier clothes like a tee shirt and shorts, pulling your hair back if it’s long, etc. A cool rag on the back of your neck is nice, just lay a towel over your pillow. Also try to keep stuff off your bed that’s right next to you and keep everything airy. I wouldn’t put your fan on the highest setting though, that’s probably not the best. You don’t want it TOO cool. Keep your room ventilated too. If you are still really hot at night I’d go to the doctor or something. If you haven’t exaggerated how overheated you get at night I’d get it checked out if these things don’t help.
    Hope this helped.

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