PLEASE HELP I WILL MARK BRAINLIEST!!!!! 1. You are a physician and you dread seeing this one patient. She always talks too much and se


1. You are a physician and you dread seeing this one patient. She always talks too much and seems to have a new problem every week. You know she is just lonely, but she upsets your schedule and keeps you from seeing other patients who are really sick. What can you do?
2. You are on your lunch break and are sitting in the cafeteria. Your friend from radiology comes by and tells you that he just x-rayed one of your patients. He asks you, “What is the story with her?” What can you do?
3. You are working for an oncologist. There is a patient with cancer that you have grown fond of. She has been doing really well. On this visit, the doctor has to tell her that she has a new tumor. Your heart sinks when you walk her back and stay with her as the doctor gives her the news. She handles it well but tells the doctor that she is not going to go through any more treatment. You know this means she will die. You want to argue with her; you consider calling her family and asking them to help convince her to accept the treatment. What can you do?
4. You are working in the operating room. You have helped a patient get all settled in pre-op and have their paperwork all together to sign. The doctor comes in and tells you to hurry along and go have the patient sign the consent form. You know the doctor has not discussed the risks with the patient but you do not want to argue with him. What can you do?

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    #1 HELP HER EVERY TIME NO MATTER WHAT YOUR FEELINGS ARE IT IS YOUR JOB! but still get it done with as efficiently and quickly as possible.

    #2 she is a soccer player who has fractured her shin. You can wrap a cast around the patient’s shin, give her crutches to use and give orders to keep the foot at rest.

    #3 It is her decision, a patient has the right to refuse treatment. what you should do is try to convince her to recieve treatment but respect her decision.

    #4 Discuss the risks with the patitent and see if they still wan to follow through with the surgery. once you have discussed the risk and the if patient agrees to the surgery, have them sign the consent form.


    1. You have to endure the fact that she always takes up your time and you gotta give her give her your full attention and understand her problems and give her good advice.

    2. I dont kinda understand that one so let skip it.

    3. well I will try making friends with her so when I do so I can convince her but if she stills refuses imma call her family member and tell them to convince her.

    4. as am going to have them sign the concest form before they sign it imma tell them the risk of the surgery if they still want to go ahead I’ll give them the form to sign.

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