Think about the work you completed in your reading role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary di


Think about the work you completed in your reading role. Determine the ideas that would be

most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Themain Provide an explanation for

your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you completed help you to

understand more about the text? Support your response with at least two pieces of evidence

from the novel

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    I think there is an answer that might be helpful. Well, you may copy and paste if necessary: The story commence in Boston in 1773. Johnny Tremain, a fourteen-year-old silversmith’s trainee worked for Mr. Lapham, an elderly silversmith, and reside in his house with Mrs. Lapham, the silversmith’s daughter-in-law, and Mrs. Lapham’s four daughters. Johnny is diligent, helpful and he is a leader in the household. Dove, a senior trainee, dislikes him for this which at times make him pick up a quarrel with johnny. From the onset of the novel, the devout Mr. Lapham encouraged Johnny to study a Bible verse about the peril of pride. 

    Later on, John Hancock, a wealthy merchant, went to place an order for a ornamental sugar basin to go along with his current silverware. Johnny is fascinated by the work on the current set and is amazed to know that Mr. Lapham produced it in his youth. Since Mr. Lapham is aging and is not as skilled as before, Johnny needs to help him to produce the sugar basin. 

    That partucular night, Johnny started walking on the Long Wharf with Cilla and Isannah, the two youngest Lapham daughters.

    Johnny carried his shape of the sugar basin to Paul Revere, a master silversmith, for his opinion. Mr. Revere offered him some ideas on how to make the basin more attractive. Johnny is in a rush to have the finishing work done to the handle before it Mr. Hancock is set to collect it on Monday, so with the aid of Mrs. Lapham, he works on it on Sunday (of which he ought not to do since it is the Sabbath). Dove and Dusty Miller, the younger apprentice, are ought to help Johnny. But on the other hand, they are upset by his arrogant behaviour so they give him a fractured crucible to place the melted silver in. Initially, The prank ought to be a daft rational joke to humble Johnny a little, but he spatter melted silver all over himself and seriously burned his hand. Mrs. Lapham Mrs. Lapham employs Gran’ Hopper, a midwife, to take care of Johnny, but she couldn’t keep his hand level so it twist in on itself and turn out to be hopeless. Johnny can never be a silversmith now. 

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