Which of the following would compromise (i.e.undermine) Nonspecific Resistance to disease? A. Increase in urine flow. B. Increase is intesti


Which of the following would compromise (i.e.undermine) Nonspecific Resistance to disease? A. Increase in urine flow. B. Increase is intestinal peristalsis. C. Vaginal secretion pH of 7.0. D. Loss of epidermal tissue. E. None of the above.

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    D. Loss of epidermal tissue. Explanation:

    Non specific resistance is a resistance that prevent the entrance of harmful microganism that could result in infection diseases and if they penetrate they prevent it from getting established. Hence some mechanism are put in place by the body to fight against this infectious microrganism.

    Skin is a mechanical barrier, the

    Top layer of the skin contain keratin which is a protein. The top layer of the skin cannot be penetrate by microrganism, pathogens.

    Mucousal menmbrane such as digestive tract,urinary tract are moist the produce mucous, tears this fluid help wash away harmful microrganism or irritant.

    chemical mechanism this include saliva and tears that contain certain enzymes such as lyzoenzmes which break down the cell wall of gram positive bacteria that might find its way into the body.

    Hence Increase in urine flow, Increase is intestinal peristalsis, Vaginal secretion pH of 7.0 are non- specific resistance to disease except Loss of epidermal tissue

    Epidermal tissue are layers of tissue in the skin that should prevent the penetration of harmful micorganism the loss will expose the body to infection.



    D. Loss of epidermal tissue


    Unspecified resistance is the term used to describe the natural defense that our body establishes against diseases. This defense is made with barriers such as skin, mucous membranes, epidermal tissue, among other mechanical barriers. In addition, this defense can also be done through secretions, cells, among others.

    As previously stated, unspecified resistance is a natural defense and acts as a barrier, regardless of the type of disease or an invader in the body.

    Based on this, we can say that the loss of epidermal tissue is a factor that would compromise non-specific resistance to the disease.

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